icon_green-hosting-leavesHow does this investment property work?

The Casa Pixán property has four individual units. Each unit is split into shares that are sold representing a specific month. Whatever month you select is yours exclusively. This means the unit you’ve selected along with the common area and a parking space is yours for the selected months(s) each year for the following ten years.

In January 2027 the entire property will be listed for sale with a local Tulum Real Estate office*. A quick search will show that the Tulum Real has experienced annual increases in the range of 8% ~ 10%. We are not able to guarantee a percent of return but we are hopeful to average a conservative 5% annual gain, around half of what’s been trending for the last decade.

Using February as an example the initial price is $29,750 usd. After ten years with a 5% annual gain the the potential return on your investment is $18,710 before taxes.

Should the February owner choose to rent out one week each year the additional income should be around $12,600 ($180 x 7days x 10 years).

(* Existing shareholder will have first right of refusal three Months prior to listing with any agent.)

Casa Pixan example of potential profit



What happens if it does not sell in ten years? 

This is one of the most common question we are asked regards to the ten year exit strategy. The answer is pretty simple, you are the owner and you should continue to enjoy everything as you have done for ten years. The only cost is the annual maintenance fee until the property is sold. The property will remain listed for sale until it’s sold.



How close is the nearest beach?

There must be at least least 100+ locations for public access to the beach within 1 hour of Casa Pixán. With free access to many of them starting at only 5km you can try a new beach every day of your vacation. The Tulum ruins are only 4.7 km away and for 64 pesos ($3.90 usd) you can visit the ruins and spend the remainder of day at the beach shown below.

Tourist and vacationers enjoying time at the Tulum Ruins Beach.
Tourist and vacationers enjoying time at the Tulum Ruins Beach.



Can I sell my fractional share?

Of course! There is no minimum time that the fractional ownership must be kept. You may sell your fractional share at any point in time. It would be best to check with the existing owners as they will likely have friends that would be interested.



Is this a timeshare?

NO! Unlike a typical timeshare, you actually “own a share” of Casa Pixán. Therefore, as the property appreciates in value, so does your share.

Fact 1– With a timeshare the seller is agreeing to allowing you the use of “time” (if available) that you will need to phone in and book before use.
At Casa Pixán you have purchased the exclusive ownership of your chosen month(s).

Fact 2– When a timeshare property appreciates and the owner sells “only” the owner benefit from the proceeds while you still just have a call in and book more “time” program. At Casa Pixán you are the owner so when property appreciated and is resold you will acquire the return from your shares.

Fact 3– A timeshare does not provide you with a title as it is simply a “right to use contract”. Nothing more.
The Casa Pixán property is owned by you and your fellow members with hassle free management for your exclusively enjoyment.
Please invite your friends and colleagues to explore this unique vacation investment property.

icon_green-hosting-leavesCan I use Casa Pixán as a rental property?

Yes. We do require that you keep to a maximum of six adults in the unit. Keep in mind that when you rent you are responsibility for the actions of the people renting your unit. This includes any damages and loss of use related to your guests.


icon_green-hosting-leavesDo I need a Fideicomiso or bank trust?

No a fideicomiso is not required for a foreigner purchasing into a fractional ownership program. This will save a foreigner buyer a $3,000 application fee and approximately 1,000 per year in Bank trust fees.


icon_green-hosting-leavesHow far is Tulum from the Cancun airport? 

The actual distance is 118 km and listed at 1:30 minutes of travel time via google maps.

It has been rumored that there will be a new airport opening at Tulum. This would be amazing for property values and convenience to the property.