It is expected that there may be some owners that never step foot on the property and have purchased their share of Casa Pixán strictly as a rental income property and long term investment benefit. We’re committed to ensuring whoever is occupying the unit will have the same benefits and level of preparation before their arrival.

If an owner decides to rent the unit to a third party there are two options available. First, the owner finds a renter themselves and handles the entire rental themselves the income becomes theirs exclusively. In this case the owners are 100% responsible for the rental process. This includes the collection of funds and being financially accountable for any damages/ repairs that happen on the property by the renter. We’ll remind you that the Casa Pixán property is owned by you and your fellow members, and is operated exclusively for your enjoyment. Please be mindful of the renter selection and considerate of the other owners and their families.

The second option is to request that SCAH Investments find a renter. When a renter is found the funds collected will be split evenly with the owner and SCAH Investments. In this case the owner is not responsible for the renters and will only have the processing cost to prepare the unit for the next renters or owners if the renters stay for less than the full month.

Anticipated rental