To ensure that the Casa Pixán property is exquisitely maintained for your enjoyment, an annual service charge is payable per fractional share. This is one of the great benefits of fractional ownership and reduces the burden of the total annual operating costs. This charge is calculated on the total operating costs of the property and divided equally amongst the share owners. This ensure that you will arrive at your vacation home, ready to start your holiday, while eliminating the anxiety of activating water systems, igniting water heaters, general cleaning and unpacking of stored necessities that are common when a property is owned outright.

The annual service charge per share is $440 as shown in detailed to the right. All expenses are charged on an “actual cost” basis. With an open accounting policy the books are available for review by all owners at any time. An annual review of the expenditures will be calculated and updated each January.

  • Property Maintenance (Pool, gardening, and general property maintenance)
  • Utilities (Power*)
  • Company legal/accounting fees
  • Property taxes
  • Management charge
  • Contingency planning
  • Capital reserves
  • Arrival preparation & housekeeping
  • Arrival provisions of the essentials

* Meter will be read upon arrival and anything above 600 pesos ($40+/- usd) will be charged at cost.

NOTE : At this time we have not accounted for legal services, security or insurance. These will be added once costs are known.