Yoga : Is this the secret to happiness in Tulum

During the last few months I have really started to get a feel for Tulum and the super chill attitude of the locals. Hang around here for any sort of extended time and you’ll agree that it’s the sort of place that attracts people and relaxes them right down to their core. Sure we’re all aware of the beautiful sugary white sand beaches that go on for miles but there’s so much more than that. It’s difficult for me to explain but every now and then I meet someone that has an amazing glow about them that is just captivating. They are smiling, calm, relaxed, never in a rush and just down right happy. It can’t be the scraggly beard, baggy flower pants, or vegan diet so what’s their secret?

I’ve stopped and talk with a few of them to see if I can find out a little more of what keeps them smiling. Many of them have a similar response in a very soft and calming reply telling me to look around. Some of them are very passionate about clean living and embracing what the earth has to offer while practicing what they call a permaculture way of life. I agree that these are two powerful and moving responses but what has surprised me the most is the number of people that tell me that they’ve experience a change of life since they embrace yoga. Say what!?

By nature I’m curious and started to look up some of the benefits of yoga. Check out this short list :

  • helps you maintain, recover or improve your health
  • is a proven to provide stress relief
  • improves your fitness and energy
  • better breathing
  • balances your mind
  • improved flexibility
  • enhances your awareness
  • it’s easy and convenient
  • improved circulation
  • inner peace

I’ve now met a couple yoga instructors and have begun to explore yoga myself for the obvious health and mental benefits. I promise everyone that I will not grow a scraggly beard, wear baggy flower pants, or convert to an all vegan diet. From what I’ve come to understand so far is that there are various styles of yoga instructors with a range of skills. I was told to explore a few and find the one you connect with best.

Here are a few that I’m planning to visit over the next month :

By the time I have Casa Pixan open for business I will hopefully have made a connection with the above list and will be able to guide our new owners and guests based upon my own experience. Feel free to add your own experiences and Tulum yoga links in the comment area below .

Yoga on the beach

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