Fractional Ownership allows each buyer to significantly reduce the annual operational costs while increasing the overall budget and the quality of your purchase. Why would you pay for twelve months of upkeep and expenses when you vacation for only for a month or two?

With our fractional ownership program, it's as simply select the months you want and it's yours exclusively. Unlike a timeshare, your purchase at Casa Pixán will never require you to call a booking agent and check for availability or be disappointed because your preferred vacation time is already booked to someone else.


Vacation investment property

In contrast to a traditional bank style investment, Casa Pixan provides you with years of vacation enjoyment and rental income if you so choose. Check out this example showing how December provides a savvy investor a 311% return on investment! 

Our business plan eliminates the guesswork from your investment by including a ten-year exit strategy. In 2027 the entire property will be relisted and sold. Each of the owners will be paid out for their fractional share including the appreciation made over the ten years. 


Renting your unit

We anticipate a number of owners will never step foot on the property and have purchased at Casa Pixan strictly as a rental income property. It's entirely the decision of the owner to rent or not rent. For those that choose to rent and do not want to handle the booking and transition themselves, there is a management program in place to take care the short-term rentals. 


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Computer rendering of the kitchen at Casa Pixan
Computer rendering of the kitchen at Casa Pixan